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Gis Electric Chain Hoist

Gis Chain Hoist
Capacities from 40kg to 5000kg
Available in 3 voltages:
380v (3 phase)
220v (Single phase)
110v (Single phase)

> Compact design
> Robust construction
> Ease of maintenance
Availability assured
Advanced technology
> Swiss quality
Outstanding service life
Maximum safety

World’s First in Safety

> Double slip clutch
> Highest safety with brake positioned after the slip clutch
> Slack end of chain fixed to hoist body
> Standard geared limit switch
> Made for industrial use, body and covers completely built-in aluminium
> No jamming of the chain due to two-part plastic chain guide

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World’s First in Service and Handling

> Easy adjustment of the slipping clutch
> No special tools or electronic devices required
> DC brake system, maintenance free
> Standard 42 V low voltage control
> Chain guide removable without dismantling the hoist
> Easy conversion from 1 to 2 fall configuration, thus doubling the load capacity
> Ergonomic 2 and 4 button low voltage control pendant with straining wire
> Silent working helical gears

Available in various configurations

>ATEX proofed chain hoist for dust or gas execution
>Radio controlled chain hoist and trolley
> Hook suspension
> Push Travel Trolley
> Electric Travel Trolley
> Electric Travel Trolley with invertor control
> Low headroom version for low ceilings
> Synchronised electric chain hoist for large and wide loads
> Handy chain and telescopic models for precise and easy positioning
> Corrosion resistant models with stainless steel load chain
> Electric chain hoists for theatres, stages and studios

Gis electric chain hoists can be used in conjunction with overhead cranes, jib cranes and monorails

CraneCare Lifting Services Ltd’s versatile range of Electric chain hoists has a model to suit every application.