Wire Rope Hoists

Crane Care supply a wide range of Wire Rope hoists with load capacities ranging from 500kg to 50 tonnes. Various mounting options and duty ratings are available to suit specific customer requirements.

Monorail Trolley

Low headroom monorail hoists for maximum lifting heights are used on single girder overhead cranes and monorails and are available in a wide range of capacities and beam sizes.


Double Rail Crab Units

Are mainly used on high capacity double girder overhead cranes


Fixed Mounted Hoist

A universal basic configuration foot mounted hoist that can be placed on a bearing surface or suspended. This unit is ideal for goods lift applications. Our largest model can lift up to 9 tonnes on single fall reeving.

Contact our technical team to discuss your specific needs. Due to our many years experience we are aware that it is important to you to have access to high quality innovative products customised to suit your particular requirements.

In addition we will support you with our extensive service in relation to design and advice in relation to your lifting requirement.




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