Webbing Straps for Lifting Equipment Ireland

Webbing Slings For Lifting

Our webbing slings are your go-to for the highest-quality lifting slings. Our products are engineered with precision and care to meet the strictest industry standards for safety, strength, and reliability.

With our durable construction and superior materials, you can trust that your lifting jobs will be done right every time. Whether it’s a light-duty or heavy-duty job, we have the perfect sling for you – so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our lifting slings will ensure that all of your lifting needs are met with confidence.

> Textile Lifting Systems
> Webbing Slings
> Round Slings
> Round Sling Assemblies
> Polyester web slings conforming to EN1492-1 colour coded to CEN Norm. Labelled with identification number and safe working load can be supplied with soft bucket eyes and master links.
> Protection sleeves are available where slings are used over sharp edges and rough surfaces,
> Round slings and round sling assemblies are available in various configurations and with a range of hooks and fittings.